Investment Apps Other Than Acorn That Will Grow Your Spare Change

Investment Apps Other Than Acorn That Will Grow Your Spare Change

Micro investing is the newest trend in investing. Many investment apps help novice users get into the market and make money by skimming just a little bit off the top of everyday purchases.

Continue reading to discover more about these top 10 micro-investing apps that will help you grow your money.

What Is Micro-Investing?

Micro-investing systems allow users to make tiny contributions to an investment or brokerage account. These investments can be as little as $1.

Micro-investing platforms work in a variety of ways. Some need a small initial commitment. Others connect to your bank account and begin investing with minor amounts of money rounded off of debit card transactions.

Are There Any Benefits to Micro-Investing?

Micro-investing using mobile applications can simplify putting your money to work.

Some applications also allow users to acquire fractional shares in assets like exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Many micro-investing applications can teach novice investors about everyday personal finance, such as the significance of saving and putting aside money in your budget for investing.

Furthermore, these applications also allow you to begin investing with tiny sums spread over various investments. It will enable beginning investors to get a decent feel for the market.

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Is Micro Investing a Good Idea?

Micro investing is fun and can also be an excellent strategy to save money for retirement.

These apps won’t make a significant contribution toward your nest egg, but every little bit helps—click here to read more. is a free investing tool that allows you to invest in fractional shares without paying commissions or requiring a minimum account balance. 

Since is free, this price point compares favorably to Acorns.

While the firm used to follow in the footsteps of applications like Robinhood in monetizing Payment for Order Flow (PFOF) or earning kickbacks from clearinghouses for routing transactions to them, they recently stopped doing so.

They now rely on other sources of money and a “tipping” system.

This puts this newbie investment software squarely on the side of regular investors rather than Wall Street clearinghouses.

SoFi Invest

SoFi, which represents “social finance,” began as a student debt refinancing and personal lending organization. It has expanded into other private finance sectors, such as investment, checking, and savings accounts.

Sofi Invest is an excellent alternative if you already have other SoFi accounts. SoFi makes transferring funds between SoFi Money and SoFi Invest accounts a breeze.

If you’re an experienced investor, SoFi might not be the best option because it does not support stop-loss orders or tax-loss harvesting. 

M1 Finance

M1 Finance offers a unique combination of automatic investment and extensive portfolio customization and borrowing and spending options. 

This adaptable portfolio platform is designed for seasoned investors who want to automate their approach while staying true to their specific preferences, risk tolerance, and diversification objectives. 

M1 also receives high marks for its cheap cost since it charges no fees for investment administration or trading, allowing you to put more money to work for you. We will take a closer look at M1 Finance’s robo-advisory service to see whether it’s the ideal fit for your portfolio requirements.

In 2021, M1 was on the move, expanding its bespoke portfolio offering. They surpassed $5 billion in assets under management in September, indicating strong investor and asset growth. 

A novel credit card product with enticing “own-to-activate” cash back incentives for spending related to stock ownership was also added to the M1 Plus top tier. In the Robo Advisor area, this combination of goods is uncommon.


Stash is a budgeting app and an investing account rolled into one. This smartphone app is designed for first-time investors who want a simple method to buy stocks and other investments.

Stash receives a position on Forbes Advisors’ Best Budgeting Apps Of 2021 with over 343,673 reviews on the App Store, which is rated #29 in Finance, and Google Play, where it is ranked #29 in Finance.


Webull’s most significant target demographic are millennials and, as a result, were reflected in this mobile-first launch. Webull is positioned to cater to novice and more active traders and prefers a platform or app that offers a wide range of free services.  

With a less complete product than full-service competitors, Webull skews toward the self-directed investor. 

Customers of Webull, on the other hand, receive a lot of bang for their buck. They are considered a trustworthy platform with many valuable tools, features, and attractive margin rates. 


Wealthsimple, established in Toronto, offers algorithmic investing and savings programs to clients in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. New customers can deposit funds into new accounts or move monies between taxable and retirement accounts.

New investors may open an account for as little as $0, making it simple to get started. 

A modest pool of low-cost ETFs for Canadians and Americans, or mutual funds for UK residents, is utilized to construct somewhat essential portfolios that are further tailored by the data you enter the site.


Early in its launch, Robinhood distinguished itself as a brokerage sector disruptor. It did not charge fees on stocks, options, and cryptocurrency trading.

Robinhood has built its strong brand and niche among young investors. This is apparent in their simple design and user experience that concentrates on the fundamentals. 

The broker recently offered cash management services and a recurring investment function to attract new customers and strengthen the financial connection with existing ones.

Greenlight + Invest

Greenlight + Invest is a kids’ investing account that includes a debit card and a bank account.

The Greenlight investing app is simple and serves as a savings and checking account for teenagers. You may set savings goals to help you achieve your financial objectives.

The software will instruct users on the fundamentals of investing, including how to invest in stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Because it necessitates connected accounts from the custodians’ banks or brokerages, it works best if parents are involved. In addition, parents and guardians must approve trades in the investment account.

The all-in-one package teaches children critical financial skills, including money management and investment concepts, with real money, stocks, and real-life courses.


Stockpile is an app-based brokerage that promises to make the stock market more accessible and less daunting for younger investors.

Thanks to a simplified interface, stocks, and ETFs may be bought and sold quickly and easily. Gift card options enable users to give stock as a present for birthdays, holidays, and graduations.

Stockpile’s trading costs are among the lowest in the business, at $0.99 per trade. However, there is a restricted product choice and limited research capabilities as a trade-off.

You will not find in-depth charting tools or paper trading options on this site because it was designed for folks who may not otherwise try investing.

Stockpile is ideal for those who want to get their feet wet in the stock market and those who wish to give stock as a present or encourage younger generations to begin investing early.

TD Ameritrade

With zero trade commissions, top-of-the-line educational programming, enhanced trading platforms, and a user-friendly mobile app, TD Ameritrade provides a full-service brokerage experience that can meet the needs of both new investors and advanced day traders taking positions in a variety of asset classes.

Due to the prominent instructional information and overall simplicity of use, TD Ameritrade is one of the finest solutions for new investors.