3 Steps to Dressing Up Without Stripping Your Bank Account

Ah! The Halcyon Days of mid-February. Spring is right around the corner and many of us may have already seen some cherry trees that the weather has tricked into blooming early. It’s at times like these that we feel the urge to spend on a new seasonal wardrobe that will show off the calf definition we’ve worked so hard to gain over the long winter…

We should know better! Money doesn’t grown on trees, after all. But why resist the urge to splurge when there are ways to freshen up your look and feel like a spring chicken without breaking the bank? Here are the top 3 tips for a total style shake up at a fraction of the cost:

1.)Coupons – This is your primary resource for high fashion bargains, bar none. Large department stores know on which side their bread is buttered and they want to feed our shopping appetite when we’re starving for new tasty outfits but have to stick to a budget diet. Learn to take advantage of sites like Groupon that can provide you with phenomenal deals on piping hot haute couture through Nordstrom and Sears deals.

2.) Thrift Stores – The old adage “it’s not old if it’s new to you” never held as true as it does today. Modern 2010s fashion is drawing influence from all sorts of past decades: the dramatic shoulder of the ‘80s, the full skirts of the ‘50s, ‘70s Southwestern prints, even the intricate beadwork of the ‘20s. Grab a good friend and take a trip to your local thrift store strip. Just make sure she doesn’t get to the good stuff before you!

3.) Gift Cards – From the classic to the modern. Another way to maximize your clothing budget is to convert your assets… And no, that doesn’t mean you should be getting yourself a mortgage any time soon. Instead look around in your drawers for that gift card Aunt Gail gave you to Dave & Buster’s or the one to Sur La Table your well-meaning boss offered, because he thought you made the store-bought cheesecake that you brought to the company picnic. Sites like Cardpool will happily buy your gift cards off of you, leaving you with cash in hand to spent on outfitting your feet with something new and funky.
You don’t have to hold back the fashionista in you anymore! Follow these 3 simple steps to clever savings we put together just for you and walk yourself into a smart new outfit… or 5.



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