What You Should Know about the Child Benefit Programme

If you have children and are need assistance with money, there are many financial services available to help you with costs. The Child Benefit Programme is the largest of these services. Claiming Child Benefit (CB) from the UK government is quite simple.  In order to ensure you are eligible to collect CB, you must have a child under 16 or 20 as long as they are enrolled in one of the approved education and training fields. Eligibility In order to be eligible to collect CB you must meet a setContinue Reading

Is Stamp Duty Really Necessary?

If there’s one thing that makes many Australian home buyers’ blood boil, it’s stamp duty. The tax is assessed following a real estate transaction, and the buyer is responsible for paying it within 90 days. Stamp duty is based on the current market value of the home that’s being purchased, and it varies from one state and territory to the next. One thing’s for sure, though: People are overwhelmingly opposed to paying the tax, which can total up to considerable amounts of money. Like many, you may wonder why it’sContinue Reading

Reduce Your Company Costs

The costs of a running a business can be endless. Setting up your business usually requires some sort of start-up money that certainly isn’t cheap. Then once you are up and running maintaining the business can be hard. It is all those hidden costs that add up. When you are starting your own company many times you will have hidden costs in the building you purchase.  It is important to go with a reliable company like Johnson Construction Company  to help keep the cost of your repairs under control. Paying for yourContinue Reading

Dealing with Unemployment Stress Effectively

UK employment may have fallen recently by 57,000 people but that doesn’t help the other 2.51million people across the country looking for work. While many individuals who are struggling to find work give up on themselves as their self-worth dwindles, others continue to slog hard by applying for jobs constantly in the vain home that eventually, a position will crop up that suits them to a T. There’s always hope and as long as people remain proactive and use their free time wisely to peruse job sites and city centresContinue Reading

Don’t Let Your Insurance Needs Get Eaten by Zombies!

Zombies, zombies, zombies – everywhere you look nowadays, there’s zombies and the ever impending doom of the possible zombie apocalypse! It seems like Americans – and even the world at large – is more able and ready for when the zombie hoards descend than they’re financially prepared with life insurance for the hundred-and-one more-likely-to-kill-you everything else. So, let’s just go ahead and say that the zombie apocalypse is coming and you’ve got your basement stuffed with shotguns and canned goods – are you really ready? To find out more about GIO funeral insurance visit their newContinue Reading

How Much Insurance Should You Purchase to Protect Your Wealth?

There are many ways to build wealth from pursuing an in demand degree that will command a high salary when you graduate to investing early and steadily to not spending money frivolously.  However, another way to grow your wealth is to preserve it. Insurance Protects Your Wealth Insurance is an excellent way to maintain your wealth.  If you own an apartment complex and there’s a fire, your insurance policy can protect your finances because you don’t have to pay out of pocket for the damages. Most people would agree thatContinue Reading

Paying Off Debt?  It’s Okay to Be a Tortoise and Pay It Down Slowly

Paying Off Debt? It’s Okay to Be a Tortoise and Pay It Down Slowly

Mike is on a mission to pay down his debt as quickly as possible.  He works a full-time job and then in the evening, he teaches community college classes from 7 to 10 p.m.  On weekends and after class, he’s grading papers and creating lesson plans.  He has 3 kids, but he rarely gets to spend time with them because he’s so busy generating extra money. He tells himself the sacrifice will all be worthwhile when the debt is gone. Do you want to know a secret?  Not everyone is cut out to be gazelle intenseContinue Reading

What’s In Your Credit Score and What Actions Affect It

What’s In Your Credit Score and What Actions Affect It

Oh the wonderful credit score. As you will read later, I am not “in love” with the credit score and what it stands for. However, it’s something that affects some of the most major financial decisions that we make in life. In that light, it means that everyone should know how it is calculated and what things can affect the score itself. Before we get into the details, you should have a clear understanding of what your credit score is. First, there are currently a couple different types of creditContinue Reading

Avoid These Budget Busting Bank Fees

Avoid These Budget Busting Bank Fees

During my day job as a financial counselor, I periodically review client’s bank and credit card statements. Most of these review sessions end with the same items sticking out no matter whose account I am looking at. Those items are bank fees.  Fees (overdraft, credit card interest, etc.) are fairly easy to overlook as they are often small and typically debited right from your account (how convenient). They also consistently erode your income available for debt repayment and/or savings. Therefore, you need to find ways to avoid these budget bustingContinue Reading

Sharing Expenses In A Relationship

Sharing Expenses In A Relationship

Just the other day, I received a question from Tiffany regarding sharing expenses with her significant other. Here is what she asked: “I graduated from college about a year and a half ago. I got my degree in engineering, so my income is pretty substantial. I don’t have any consumer debt or a mortgage, but I have a ton of student loan debt…about $95K. My boyfriend and I have been in a cross-country relationship since we graduated, but are planning on moving to the same city in a few monthsContinue Reading