Sunday Headlines: The Positives of Shopping Around

Welcome to the first edition of Sunday Headlines!

I thought it would be beneficial to start sharing articles from around the web to broaden your personal finance skills and possibly hear more from people who may be in a position just like you. I also want to start sharing small stories and anecdotes that could help you better your life and finances. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Last week, I suddenly realized that my car was overdue for an inspection. I quickly took it to a local inspection shop for the annual ritual only to find out that one of the headlight lamps was broken off. OK, quick fix I thought. Well, as it turned out, I needed to replace the ENTIRE headlight. I knew the large bills were coming.

After hearing the bad news, I quickly decided to shop around. What would it hurt? First, I called the local dealership and just as I expected, they wanted to rob me. They wanted $350 + labor (!) to put a new one on. I immediately said no thanks and moved on.

Next, I called the local parts shop. They wanted $150 for the headlight which was much more reasonable. I asked them how quickly they could get it and they said it would be about 4 days. I wanted it sooner so I didn’t have to drive around with an expired inspection sticker on my car. I asked if they knew of any other local parts shops that might have it in stock.

The store gave me the number for another warehouse in the area and I gave them a call. They wanted $99 for the part and I immediately ordered it. It came a few days later, I installed it myself (it took two screws) and took my car to get inspected. With the inspection the total bill came to $130. If I would have went with the dealership, I’m guessing it would have been around $430 total.

The moral of the story? By shopping around, I saved myself $300. Not too bad for about 2 hours of work!

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  1. Sweet, I made it in on your first Sunday Headlines. Thanks Adam. Nice score on the cheaper headlight too. Far too many people just buy things at the most convenient spot and end up overpaying.

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