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The basics of debt collection

Collectors mainly chase people who owe money from them through late payment letters. If you have been receiving quite a number of them lately, then banks or lenders may assume you are ignoring them deliberately. You may not ignore the fact that your payables are accumulating even though you are cash-strapped or going through some tough time that is indirectly related to finances. In any case, failing to prepare for the consequences of late payments is preparing to fail, to put a twist into a popular line. Spare just aContinue Reading

Can your hobby become a full-time job?

Imagine being able to do something you love for money – sounds great, doesn’t it? This infographic detailing the steps you can take towards making it happen could prove to be just the thing to help you combine something you love with a new source of income, but what will you need to do. The infographic was created after a number of businesses went to compare business gas & electricity with and asked for advice on saving money. Keeping a firm eye on your spending is one of theContinue Reading

Carnival of Personal Finance #382 – The Leaves Are Changing

Carnival of Personal Finance #382 – The Leaves Are Changing

Welcome to the 382nd edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance! As my wife and I headed north to visit family in Pennsylvania this past weekend, there was a progressive change in the color of the leaves on the trees. We started out nice and green in Washington, DC. and as we made our way north, the beauty of fall began to show. If the cooler temperatures this past weekend didn’t get you in the fall mood, I thought sharing some amazing fall pictures with you might force you intoContinue Reading