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What Momentum Day Trading Strategies Can Do For Ordinary People

Sindee had a very unusual story before she came to day trading. Before she latched on to Warrior Trading and used their day trading strategies to make tons of money, she was a bartender, a star business school student and cubicle drone with real job security. To go back to the beginning, Sindee started cocktail waitressing at bars around Washington, D.C. The job was easy, the tips were good and the attention was intoxicating. But her natural ambition won out. Sindee was looking at the piles of money all theContinue Reading

Trump Trepidation: Are More Forex Trading Fears Ahead?

The United States 2016 election is quickly drawing to a close and yet, topics and issues seem to be more muddled than ever before. This will impact the stock markets just as much as it will inevitably affect the voters themselves. However, it appears as if the gap between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is narrowing significantly. Such observations have already sent ripples across the Forex trading community. What can we expect between now and 8 November and are there any ways to hedge against what may certainly prove toContinue Reading

Should You Borrow To Invest In The Financial Markets?

When you borrow to invest, you will benefit from leverage to increase your potential returns, and this is certainly a tempting idea. However, is it a good idea to invest with borrowed money? There is no right answer. It all depends on who you ask. Economist Ian Ayres, a Yale Law School professor, argues “yes” in an investment book with coauthor Barry Balebuf called Lifecycle Investing: A New, Safe, and Audacious Way to Improve the Performance of Your Retirement Portfolio. He believes that young people today don’t have the same investment capitalContinue Reading

When Should You Check Your Credit Report?

Credit reports are more transparent these days and quick to review.  You can even view your credit score on monthly statements of your credit card, so you should know roughly where you stand with your report.  The three major credit bureaus – Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian, actually allow you to see a copy of your credit report for free each year, so if you have not looked at yours in a while that would be a good place to start.  Although you should check your credit report at least onceContinue Reading

Steps to Maintaining a Good Budget in College

Basically, you will never go for a trip without understanding the way to your destination. Likewise, you’ll never reach your financial objectives without having a well choreograph plan for cutting down spending and increasing your savings. Ideally, budgets do have an essential role in college, making sure the cash flow chain moves without interruption. With the little amount of money from their parents, college students should have a comprehensive plan to ensure that they become financial independent not only in their college life, but in their personal lives as well.Continue Reading

What Type of Bank Account Works For You

At first glance it might seem like banking is an easy thing to figure out. Open an account, throw some money in there, and don’t touch it! But there is actually quite a bit more to banking than that. If you don’t pick the right type of account, or accounts, you could either pay extraordinary fees or lose out on a ton of interest. Whether it’s a personal account or a business account, you need to do your homework and pick the right one for own unique situation. A personalContinue Reading

Is Stamp Duty Really Necessary?

If there’s one thing that makes many Australian home buyers’ blood boil, it’s stamp duty. The tax is assessed following a real estate transaction, and the buyer is responsible for paying it within 90 days. Stamp duty is based on the current market value of the home that’s being purchased, and it varies from one state and territory to the next. One thing’s for sure, though: People are overwhelmingly opposed to paying the tax, which can total up to considerable amounts of money. Like many, you may wonder why it’sContinue Reading

Dealing with Unemployment Stress Effectively

UK employment may have fallen recently by 57,000 people but that doesn’t help the other 2.51million people across the country looking for work. While many individuals who are struggling to find work give up on themselves as their self-worth dwindles, others continue to slog hard by applying for jobs constantly in the vain home that eventually, a position will crop up that suits them to a T. There’s always hope and as long as people remain proactive and use their free time wisely to peruse job sites and city centresContinue Reading

What’s In Your Credit Score and What Actions Affect It

What’s In Your Credit Score and What Actions Affect It

Oh the wonderful credit score. As you will read later, I am not “in love” with the credit score and what it stands for. However, it’s something that affects some of the most major financial decisions that we make in life. In that light, it means that everyone should know how it is calculated and what things can affect the score itself. Before we get into the details, you should have a clear understanding of what your credit score is. First, there are currently a couple different types of creditContinue Reading

4 Ways to Make Extra Money That You’ve Never Thought Of….

4 Ways to Make Extra Money That You’ve Never Thought Of….

I’ve been reading The Penny Hoarder for over a year now and I’ve got to say – I’m addicted. They have tons of ideas on how to make extra money and the cool thing is, most of it is stuff you’ve never heard of. It’s off-the-wall, wacky, and ridiculous. Lol. They’ll teach you how to start a cricket farm, how to make money by buying beer, and how to attend airport auctions to find things to resell on Ebay. Here are a few of my favorite, recent articles from the lastContinue Reading