Don’t Let Your Insurance Needs Get Eaten by Zombies!

Zombies, zombies, zombies – everywhere you look nowadays, there’s zombies and the ever impending doom of the possible zombie apocalypse! It seems like Americans – and even the world at large – is more able and ready for when the zombie hoards descend than they’re financially prepared with life insurance for the hundred-and-one more-likely-to-kill-you everything else.

So, let’s just go ahead and say that the zombie apocalypse is coming and you’ve got your basement stuffed with shotguns and canned goods – are you really ready? To find out more about GIO funeral insurance visit their new site and speak to one of their staff.

How to be Really Ready

Here’s my argument for why life insurance is still a good thing to think about purchasing in the event of the zombie apocalypse – hey, hey… don’t roll your eyes yet! Hear me out!

Let’s say that when it happens it ends up being a World War Z situation: government is still functioning, there’s a decent amount of organization in place, and the cure is being found as we speak. Hurray! With life insurance companies still functioning, people are either filing claims by the dozens, or they’re thinking, “I could get eaten by a zombie tomorrow – what will my kids survive on?! Ah!”

Now, if you’re one of the lucky ones who obtain life insurance before the zombie apocalypse, you’re good to go. You’re not financially afraid of no zombies – your loved ones are covered, you’re paying pre-apocalypse premiums, and all you have to worry about is not getting eaten.

However, if you’re one of the ones that didn’t obtain life insurance pre-apocalypse, just imagine for a second how insane those premiums are going to be post-apocalypse. Insurance companies now know that there’s a really good chance you won’t even make it a week – a week! Those rates will sky rocket! And even after all of the zombies are dead and gone, the insurance companies will still take into consideration that it could happen again.

But… What if the Life Insurance Companies All Get Eaten By Zombies?

Well, okay, that’s definitely possible – but, it’s just as possible that there will be one little insurance guy left with access to a computer and a bank account, ready to provide insurance to the bitter end! You know – FRANK! His picture is all over the walls of the office –  he’s been MVP every month for ten years! Do you think he’s just going to give that up? Because of zombies!? No way!

Okay, I’ll Humor You – What Policy Should I Buy for the Apocalypse?

First off, we’re all in luck – there isn’t a single policy out there that currently has a clause or exclusion written into the fine print regarding zombies. We totally have the upper hand, here.

Now, when it comes to life insurance, there’s really only two types of policies: term and whole term. Term life policies are by far and wide the favorite – they’ll be good for the zombie apocalypse, too.

  • Term Life – These policies provide life insurance coverage for a term of time, hence the name. During that period of time, you’re covered up to the amount you designate with absolutely no rate changes, hidden fees, or forfeiture expenses. When the zombies descend, the life insurance company can’t hike up your premiums – they’re locked into place!
  • Whole Life – There’s a good and a bad side to these, but for the zombie apocalypse it’s mostly going to be bad. Your rates aren’t locked, so they can fluctuate, fees tend to pop up, and it’ll cost you a ton of money to back out of one of these. These policies do come in handy, though, for individual who have severe medical history and are concerned about being declined coverage later on in life. With a whole policy they’re covered lifelong and accumulate a little tax-free cash as the policy ages.

At the end of the day – life insurance is a good idea regardless of if a zombie apocalypse is on the horizon, or not. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not an investment, it’s a safety net for your loved ones that exists in addition to any investments you might make — money that you know is there, that will cover all of the bases and anything that might happen – even zombies!


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