What Momentum Day Trading Strategies Can Do For Ordinary People

Sindee had a very unusual story before she came to day trading. Before she latched on to Warrior Trading and used their day trading strategies to make tons of money, she was a bartender, a star business school student and cubicle drone with real job security.

To go back to the beginning, Sindee started cocktail waitressing at bars around Washington, D.C. The job was easy, the tips were good and the attention was intoxicating. But her natural ambition won out. Sindee was looking at the piles of money all the bartenders were making, not only at the joints were she waited on drunks, but at the late-night haunts where she and her restaurant friends went to unwind after nearly every shift.

So she talked her way into a bartending job downtown, not far from the U.S. Capitol. Sindee got good at mixing drinks and making conversation, so she quickly became friends with lobbyists of all stripes. Sometimes more than friends. One of her flings talked her into finishing her undergrad degree and taking the GMAT, recognizing that Sindee had a real good head on her shoulders. After getting through a year of business school, Sindee got pregnant and decided that she needed a real job, with a desk and health insurance.

Fast forward 10 years. Her son is a great student and she is managing the books for a mid-sized insurance company in the Virginia suburbs. And she is bored out of her mind. Soe she happens across Warrior Trading on Twitter one night, searching for a way to shake out of her professional doldrums.

Right away, Sindee took to the numbers, the spreadsheets and the excitement. She breezed through the online classes and took only two weeks in the simulated trading room. Once she found momentum day trading strategies, she found her calling.

Sindee had an almost preternatural ability to identify which stocks were going on a run. But it was when she combined that with diligent research and internalized Warrior’s risk management philosophy that she became a star trader. She wasn’t flashy, but she was unbelievably steady and profitable. You did not see any of these wild swings and big losses on Sindee’s ledger.

What do you think day trading strategies can do for you? Check out Warrior Trading on the internet and find out. You might just make some real money.


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