Dealing with Unemployment Stress Effectively

UK employment may have fallen recently by 57,000 people but that doesn’t help the other 2.51million people across the country looking for work. While many individuals who are struggling to find work give up on themselves as their self-worth dwindles, others continue to slog hard by applying for jobs constantly in the vain home that eventually, a position will crop up that suits them to a T. There’s always hope and as long as people remain proactive and use their free time wisely to peruse job sites and city centres for a job that could be perfect for them, things will change for the better eventually.

The problem is that the stress associated with unemployment can really get you down. It’s so easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and feel lost and helpless with no prospects in sight. Financial problems can add to the issue and you could be faced with debts coming out of your ears. While an innate feeling of vulnerability is bound to take hold if you lose a job, the important thing is to try and stay positive and take control of the situation. With so many jobs out there, from professional trades such as being a gas engineer at British Gas or a contracted carpenter on a building site, to skilled careers such as a teacher, solicitor or midwife, positions emerge all the time, so stay hopeful.

The key to dealing with the stress associated with job loss is to ensure you’re not dealing with the feelings alone. Talk to someone; whether it’s a spouse, close friend or a career advisor is completely up to you. Bottling up your emotions will only make things worse and this can be even more concerning if you let go of who you are as an individual, too. Keep up with your daily routines and have pride in yourself; your job shouldn’t define you and there’s more to life once that job is gone.

The search for a new job can be an arduous one – don’t expect your new role to drop in your lap straight away because unless you’re really lucky, it won’t. Whether you’re searching for plumbing jobs since your last firm went under or you’re hoping to hold out for something equally specific but you’re willing to compromise in the meantime, give it time. Make sure your CV is the best it can be, practice writing applications that stand out from the rest and remain positive – your new job role is just around the corner and you can soon say goodbye to your unemployment woes.


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